Things You Need to Know About Hard Water

There are quite a number of problems that may occur in a home, especially regards to water; one of these problems is the occurrence of hard water. Hard water can greatly affect the quality of water that is used in the household, which may in turn affect certain appliances in the house, and even worse, your loved one that are living together in your household. If you are interested to know more about this, then you should definitely read on as this article will discuss some of the most important things you need to know about hard water.


What exactly is hard water? You may ask. Hard water, simply put, is water that contains very high or enormous amount of mineral content. Hard water is basically formed when water filters deposits of limestone or even chalk, which is usually made up of elemental magnesium and calcium. When water contains high amounts of calcium and magnesium it may incur certain effects.


In domestic households, hard water can affect different house activities that use water, such as doing laundry, dishwashing, bathing, and even personal grooming or hygiene. Using hard water for laundry can cause damage to clothing because high mineral content can alter the color of clothing and it can also cause a chemical reaction of detergent that may further damage clothing. Using hard water for dishwashing might be costly because the mineral content in the water when mixed with dishwashing liquid may produce less soap suds or bubbles, which means you will be using more dishwashing liquid. One way to fix this problem is through installing water softener.


Hard water when used for bathing may cause unwanted health effects. There may be people in your household that are sensitive to hard water, which may cause them to have skin diseases such as rashes, pruritus, and many others. Hard water that is used for drinking can also cause a number of different gastrointestinal disorders that may affect electrolyte imbalance in the body.


Hard water can also cause affect the performance of certain house appliances such as water boilers or water heaters; this inefficient operation of water appliances is caused by the high mineral content of hard water. Hard water can also affect water distribution in the household because of clogged pipes or broken pipes, which may lead to financial problems in the household because the scale of the problem may be high enough that water piping may need total repair or replacement. In order to save more money in the future, it is best that you invest now and install a water softener to prevent expensive repairs and replacements in the future.


Hard water can affect the cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of your home because it can cause formation of lime scale in sinks and water heaters. Hard water can lead to occurrence of lime films on the glass of shower doors, bathroom walls, bath tubs, faucets, as well as bathroom pipes. To prevent this from happening it is best that you use a modified shower head, check out shower head water softener review to learn more about possible solutions.